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Terms and contition

Terms and conditions for use of RMI-BENELLI


01. Introduction

Welcome to the support and technical information Benelli Center (RMI, Maintanence Repair Information). This site provides to authorized distributors, authorized dealers and independent repairers to technical information perform repair and maintenance of motorcycles and scooters Benelli (hereinafter referred to as "products Benelli"). The information provided is intended solely for the Benelli products meet EU specifications.

For access to documents is to be registered, and the purchase of a subscription.

Users of this site are bound by the following terms and conditions, they are therefore urged to read them carefully before proceeding.


02. Definitions.

With the words "this Site" or "Site" refers to the site Benelli RMI (service.benelli.com), made available by Benelli Q.J. srl.

For "Registered User" means a person who acts as an employee or owner of a company registered with the authorized distributor role, authorized dealer or independent provider of maintenance and repair services for Benelli products.

"Company" means a Benelli authorized distributor, a Benelli dealer or a registered independent provider of maintenance services and repair for Benelli products.

"Users" means all employees or owners of the companies mentioned above, who have been empowered, by the company, access to this Site.

Other users can see this site without registration and can be defined as "unregistered user".

For "Materials" means technical information and the services provided by this Site.

The term "independent repairer" means a registered independent provider of maintenance services and repair for Benelli products.


03. Terms and conditions of registration and use of RMI-BENELLI

These terms and conditions govern access and use of technical information and services (the "Materials") on this Site by registered users. When a company allows its users to register to use this site, it agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, making sure that all of its members to comply.

Benelli reserves the right to make changes to the Website, the materials contained therein and to these terms and conditions at any time. These amended terms and conditions will be valid from their publication on the Site or through notice ads (eg .: e-mail users, internally alerts to the Site, etc.). Benelli, basically, make every effort to notify the Users any changes to these terms and conditions.


04. Registration

To register and subscribe to this site you must meet the following conditions:

    • be an employee or owner of a Benelli authorized distributor, a Benelli dealer or a registered independent provider of maintenance and repair services for Benelli products in the European Union;
    • not have to republish the program or share materials with other users, unless this is expressly permitted in these terms and conditions;
    • have the power to enter into this agreement on behalf of their companies.

In case of non-compliance with the above conditions, Benelli reserves the right to reject requests for registration or withdraw access to this Site.

The following entities may contact the e-mail address support@benelli.com to enter into an individual contractual agreement for the provision and use of applicable materials, specifying the details of their requests:

 •  manufacturers or distributors of repair tools, tools or spare parts;
 •  publishers of technical information;
 •  automobile clubs and roadside assistance services;
 •  operators offering inspection and testing services;
 •  operators offering training for repairers;
 •  manufacturers or repairers of equipment for vehicles powered by alternative sources.


05. How to register

The authorized dealers should contact your authorized Benelli's own market for recording. The distributor will confirm and send a Benelli data required to configure the account or reseller accounts, as required.

Independent repairers are required to register with the subscription service available through this site. To register and the required payment amount, please follow the instructions.

To view the document titles and the subscription prices you need to register. After registering you can log in with your user name and password, but to display the document content and access other listed materials is necessary to pay the subscription amount.

It is the responsibility of each User retain and store, at any time, your user name and password, and share them only with the employees of your company who are entitled to access to this Site. The User shall be liable for all transactions and costs incurred in the site using their login credentials. Benelli can not be held responsible for any losses incurred or suffered by you or by his company for failing to properly secure your username and password.


06. Terms of use

Except as specifically permitted by these terms and conditions, it is not permitted to modify, reproduce, republish on other Web sites or distribute in any way or by any means any material or extract of the information contained in this Web Site without prior written permission from Benelli. Subject to the fulfillment of these terms and conditions, Benelli Company grants the User a right, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to allow access to this site and use of materials, with the sole purpose of providing assistance and services repair Benelli products, as part of its normal business operations.

This authorization is not a transfer of ownership of the Materials (or copies thereof), and is subject to the following obligations:

The User ensures that all notices of copyright and other notices of proprietary rights notice contained in the materials will not be deleted or edited in any copies of the Materials downloaded, or used by the User or by the respective companies.

The User ensures that none of the materials will be transferred to persons other than authorized Users of the Company.

In the event that you fail to comply with the obligations listed above, Benelli will be entitled to suspend his access to the Site and / or terminate this Agreement with immediate effect, without notice. Any unused balance will be deducted from the User's subscription Benelli as compensation in respect of any losses incurred by Benelli as a result of non-compliance by the User of this clause. This action does not affect any right of Benelli, including the right to demand compensation for damages and / or to take other legal measures are necessary, or not holding back the unused balance of the subscription.

This Site may only be used for lawful purposes. The User may not violate or groped to violate the security of this Site, including the attempt to obtain products not ordered properly and for which has not been paid the full purchase amount.

You may not stop or groped to interrupt the operation of this Site in any way, send unsolicited email ( "spam") to / or through this Site, or otherwise harass the owner, supplier or other site users.


07. Use of Materials

Access to the Materials is intended to allow Members to perform service or repair. This work must be performed by trained personnel, fully qualified and updated skills. Where the materials refer to a special tool, it is essential that that gear is used for the repair work required. Benelli will not be held responsible for any losses incurred or suffered by You or the Company as a result of its failure to comply with this clause.


08. Changes to vehicles

This site aims to provide information for the maintenance and repair of original Benelli products. Benelli can not take any responsibility in case the information is used for different purposes, including the application of changes in the product compared to standard specifications.


09. Disclaimer of liability

Benelli will demonstrate the utmost effort to ensure that all information provided on the Site is correct at time of publication, but does not guarantee the accuracy of such information.

It is your responsibility, as a repairer or technical expert maintenance of Benelli products, determine eligibility and accuracy of the information obtained through the Site and how they use them.


10. Responsibility

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and except for liability arising from conduct attributable to intent or gross negligence, neither Benelli nor any of its officers, directors, employee, representative, agent or its parent company, subsidiary or affiliated company, will be responsible for damages of any kind associated with the use of this Site, Materials or any other information or service provided through the same, regardless of whether they are provided by Benelli or third parties. This includes, but not limited to, any errors or omissions regarding the Site, Materials or any other information on the Site, such as inaccuracies in the technical data and typos; the third-party websites accessible directly or indirectly via a link contained in this Site, or the unavailability of the Site, or any portion of it.

Benelli no warranty or representation that this Site or any email sent from Benelli are or will be free of viruses or other harmful components. Benelli also not make any representation or warranty of any kind for any consequences of downloading software, data or materials from this Site.


11. Respecting the intellectual property rights

All text, images, graphics, animations, videos, music, sounds and other materials contained in this Site and in the Materials are subject to copyright, the trademark rights or any other right of intellectual property of Benelli, its affiliated companies and its licensors. Unauthorized use of trademarks appearing in this Web site is strictly prohibited. Benelli is the holder of copyrights and all database rights in the selection, coordination and composition of the materials and any other information contained in this Site. Except as specifically permitted by these terms and conditions, it may not modify, reproduce, republish on other Web sites or distribute in any way or by any means, the Materials and any other information contained in this Web Site without prior written consent of Benelli.


12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

In case of bad or dispute, we ensure as of now our participation in an attempted friendly settlement that you will promote in front of RisolviOnline, an independent and institutional service provided by the Chamber of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, allowing you to reach a satisfactory agreement with the help of a competent and neutral conciliator, in a friendly and safe way. "

For more information on the "RisolviOnline" or to send a conciliation request please feel free to access the www.risolvionline.com site. or write for more information to: risolvionline@mi.camcom.it

In the case of non-conciliation, any dispute will be referred exclusively or alternatively depending on the case, where she plays the title of the consumer, the place of his residence or domicile, if in Italy, or, at its option, where the consumer has actual residence or domicile abroad, the court of Pesaro, or the court of the place of residence or actual domicile of the consumer. Where she plays not qualify as consumers, it will be the competent court of Pesaro.


13. Tips from representatives of Customer Service

Any advice or suggestions provided by the representatives of the Customer Service Benelli, orally or in writing, not in any way constitute a guarantee or authorization by Benelli.


14. Recommended browsers

Benelli-RMI supports the browsers listed below. Benelli-RMI would work with other browsers, but their use is not supported.

Microsoft Windows

    • Google Chrome (last 2 versions) *
    • Firefox (latest 2 versions) *
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later

Apple Mac OS X

    • Google Chrome (last 2 versions) *
    • Firefox (latest 2 versions) *
    • Safari 7 or later


    • Chromium (last 2 versions) *

iOS 7 and later

    • Mobile Safari

Android 4.4 (KitKat) and later

    • Google Chrome (last 2 versions) *
    • These browsers are automatically updated on a regular basis.

Browser settings

    • To use Benelli-RMI is necessary to enable cookies and JavaScript.


    • To view documents in PDF format must be installed the plug-in Adobe Acrobat Reader (also supports the Chrome PDF Viewer).
    • To view the videos (.mp4), the browser must support HTML5 video format ,.


    • It is recommended to enable the TLS security protocol on your browser.


15. Availability of products and services abroad

This Website may contain references or cross references to Benelli products not available in all countries.


16. Other sites

The visit or purchases made in a website affiliated with Benelli or linked to this Site, are at the Users' risk, which will be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the said site (including, without limitation, its Privacy Policy ). Benelli is not responsible for examining or evaluating the content of third party sites and does not make any endorsement, certification or guarantee. It shall not be liable or do not take responsibility for the actions, products, services or the content of such Web sites or companies related to them.


17. Privacy / Data protection

All personal data provided by Users of this Site will be subject to the Privacy Policy of Benelli, available on this Site


18. Cessation

If any user does not comply with these terms and conditions, Benelli reserves the right to revoke or suspend his right of access to all or part of this Web Site without notice. In the event of a possible suspension of the right of access, any limitation of liability Benelli, and any officer, director, employee, representative, agent or its parent company, subsidiary or affiliated company, sanctioned by these terms and conditions will remain valid.


19. Changes

Benelli may, at any time and without notice, amend, modify, delete or otherwise change any information, component or page content or appear now or later on this Site, including, without limitation, prices, product descriptions , deadlines, guarantees or these terms of use. These changes will be effective immediately upon posting on this site (except with regard to orders placed and accepted by Benelli before that publication, in which case it will apply the terms and conditions in force at the time when the orders were carried out).


20. Severability clause

Where any provision contained in these Terms and conditions of registration and use of this or any other page on this Site is held in whole or in part, invalid, or unenforceable by the competent authority in any jurisdiction, such provision shall be considered only for that jurisdiction, severable and ineffective, to the extent that such invalidity or unenforceability does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.


21. Entire agreement

These terms and conditions of registration and use, displayed or mentioned in other pages of this site, represent the entire agreement between you and Benelli regarding the topics covered here.

These terms and conditions have been drawn up in Italian. In case of discrepancies between the English version of the text and its Italian translation, the Italian version will prevail.